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People have been going to arcades for many years! There are obviously many reasons why arcade games are still very popular to this day and why our company Arcade Mania, exists in the first place. Below are a few reasons why arcade games are still so popular.

Multiple Choice

A great thing about arcade games is that there are plenty of them! When in an arcade you can pick and choose which games you want to play and there are multiple choices of different games so there will always be something for someone, when it comes to playing arcade games, whether it be an Action & Adventure side scroller, or an intense first-person shooter.

Short and Fast Gameplay

As arcade games are usually activated by inserting a coin, there is a short period of time to play one ‘cycle’ of an arcade game. This can be seen as beneficial for players as it keeps them engaged in what’s happening on the arcade machine screen. With a game like Space Invaders or Pacman, these rules still apply as although these are endurance games, they will get harder as you progress and the rounds will get faster in an attempt to test your skill.

Competitive Element

Alluding to the reason above, endurance arcade games are great for those who want to challenge themselves and be the best. The whole point of a ‘High Score’ is to give a competitive edge to an arcade game. This is a key reason why we love arcade games as in doing this, it brings people together as these games create a friendly rivalry with low stakes as to maintain a joyful gaming experience, instead of a tense one as these are games, and the premise of playing a game is to have fun.


This may be the prime reason why there is still much love for arcade games. The main audience for arcade games would be people growing up in the ’80s to the early ’90s. This is because these players would’ve been going to the arcades with their parents and grandparents who may not be with them anymore, and so they not only want to continuously play arcade games because they are fun, yet also as it may remind them of their childhood’s and the happiness that they will have had whilst playing games like Donkey Kong and Street Fighter.

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