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Games That Have Revolutionised a Decade

Many retro games of the ’70s ’80s and ’90s did revolutionise the gaming industry, yet it was also the continuation and improvement of games in the ’00s and 10’s that kept eager eyes on gaming. Follow on below to see...

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How are Arcade Games Good for Your Health?

You’ve most likely been told the line ‘Video games will rot your brain’ at least once in your life by a parent or another adult. This however is not the case, too much gaming can indeed cause some problems in...

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Image of a person dressed up as Batman playing a car arcade game.
Why Do We Love Arcade Games?

People have been going to arcades for many years! There are obviously many reasons why arcade games are still very popular to this day and why our company Arcade Mania, exists in the first place. Below are a few reasons...

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5 Retro Games with the Best Graphics

Many retro games stunned the entire industry with their gameplay and memorable characters. However, many retro games are appreciated because of their in-game graphics, which at the time were ground-breaking and extremely unique. Read below to see the list of...

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Successful Reboots of Retro Games

There comes a time where companies and players alike want their favourite retro games to be made into a reboot and bring it into the own modern age, this is to gain popularity and money from the companies’ point of...

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How Have Video Game Controllers Changed Over Time?

Video games are still one of the most popular activities in the world with around 3.1 billion people playing them worldwide! One of the main reasons for this would be the evolution of the video game controller, as consoles have...

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Popular Films with References to Famous Retro Games

There are a multitude of popular films that reference famous retro games, the majority are based off games themselves so it is interesting to see how well some film studios can develop a game into a film. Some popular films...

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The Most Popular Retro Games

Video games have pushed on leaps and bounds since the early days of PONG, yet there is no understatement when it is said that these games of the past really did revolutionise the entire industry! Many of the games that...

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How Classic Video Games Have Influenced New Video Games

Classic vs Modern Games People who were born in the 1970s-1990s will remember awesome games like Pac Man, Street Fighter and Super Mario Bros. Classic vieo games have become an inspiration to most modern games and remastered games. Remembering the...

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