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The Rise of the Gaming Era

The gaming era has seen a variety of technological changes within the gaming sector from arcades to fast high-powered gaming consoles. Learn more about the history of arcade machines and how the overall gaming industry has changed over the decades....

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The Best Retro Arcade Machines

Overtime, Arcade machines have had a large impact on the gaming console community being inspiration for multiple major gaming devices such as the Nintendo DS. An Arcade machine was once the main source of entertainment changing the gaming world forever...

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Top Five Arcade Video Game Franchises of All Time

Top Five Arcade Video Game Franchises of All Time The 70’s was the beginning of the gaming era with countless games were created. However, there was nothing like these five video game franchises that changed the whole gaming community forever. We...

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The Best Selling Retro Consoles of All Time

The first console ever created was a Magnavox released in 1972 which was part of the Odyssey series. This was the start of video game consoles becoming one of the main sources of entertainment. Video game consoles have brought families...

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The Rise of Retro Arcade Bars

Games such as Pac Man & Space Invaders were first created in the 70s & 80s and video games were born. People of all ages got together to play these video games, as they were the most popular game in...

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Why Should you Have a Retro Arcade in Your Pub or Restaurant

It’s often great spending time with friends and family at a bar or a restaurant, talking all night and having a few drinks. As a bar or restaurant owner, you should be continuously looking at areas you can improve your...

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Summer Sale!

Found us? You're in for a treat. During the month of August, save yourself 5% off all bartops and full machines using the code SUMMER5 at checkout. Valid with upfront payment and with Klarna - interest-free payments in three monthly...

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Image of Super Mario Bros Toys
Why Super Mario Games are So Popular

Super Mario is one of the most iconic and well-known franchises having existed for over 30 years and passed by several generations of players. As the face of one of the biggest video game companies in the world, it’s unsurprising...

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Image of 2 ladies playing Fast and The Furious Arcade Machine
The Top 10 Favourite Arcade Games of Millenials

Video games have been around for many decades and they have evolved over the years as the technology had developed. Whilst the younger generation may only know of the latest games that have been released, many gamers also remember the...

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