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You’ve most likely been told the line ‘Video games will rot your brain’ at least once in your life by a parent or another adult. This however is not the case, too much gaming can indeed cause some problems in the long term yet just like many things, it can be beneficial in small amounts. Below are some of the health benefits that arcade games can have.

Improves Muscle Memory and Reaction Time

Arcade games are usually played with a joystick or controller, this alone improves your hand-eye coordination and muscle memory as you have no time to look at the controller once you are playing so your mind develops the ability to know where the joystick is and where the buttons are to ensure you can focus on the screen and the game you are playing. These skills can even be put into daily life as they will help you with things like typing, tieing your shoes and driving as these all eventually become muscle memory and arcade games can aid this process.

Helps to Reduce Food Cravings

If someone is struggling with their weight in terms of being overweight, then short periods playing arcade games can certainly benefit them. This is because when some people are bored, they may tend to eat as it will fill the time and it is convenient for them to do so. When they are gaming, however, it allows them to reach a goal of eating less as it works as a distraction on the mind. They will be more focused on the game rather than their stomach!

Improves Analytic Abilities

Every game is likely to boost your decision-making and multi-tasking skills, with arcade games you are forced to make a split-second decision, for example, making Jumpman hop over the barrel to not lose in Donkey Kong, or getting that last kick before your opponent in Street Fighter. Decision making is extremely useful to apply to the working world and your life in general, so this is a huge positive for arcade games.

Reduces Depression and Anxiety

As seen in conducted research, it was found out that playing video and arcade games can be beneficial for those suffering from anxiety and depression. These games allow people to get out their frustrations and agitations especially in fighting games which may relieve stress from their lives. The enjoyment of an arcade game may also be good for someone’s depression as they can focus on the game and try to keep their thoughts focused on the positive side. Some health professionals have developed games specifically for these illnesses to combat them and improve their mental health.

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